Welcome to CUMP

CUMP is an upcoming independent documentary and film festival drawn from Colleges and Universities that offer Film and Electronic Media studies in East Africa, and the only independent film festival in Nairobi.CUMP shall screen in Nairobi -Kenya and other East African cities and shall premiere local and international films and documentaries.

The core philosophy of the Festival is to present the highest quality films in a non- competitive, utilitarian way with strands that emphasize human rights, social issues, and the environment but without forgetting the need for films that are pure entertainment for film lovers and families.

All the directors and producers of selected films are invited, and expected to attend and talk about their work in post-screening discussions. Renowned filmmakers, journalists or experts in the subject of the film shall host these discussions.

CUMP is run as a non-profit company, with a management board and a team of committed workers and local volunteers, who together will work for the success of each festival.